AND FINALS 2015-2016

          For 2015-2016, exemption guidelines only apply to grades 11-12.  Freshmen and Sophomores are NOT eligible for exemption.

          The exemption grade percentage will be 92%. 

          Discipline:  After September 8, 2015, any student receiving ISS for less than 3 days must take the Mid-Term or Final for that semester only.  Example:  Student receives 1 or 2 days of ISS for the first semester, they must take the Mid-Term exam or Mid-Term Final exam (semester classes).  If the student does not receive any more days of ISS for the remainder of the school year, they are eligible to be exempt from the Final exam.

         Ø  If at any time during the school year, a student receives 3 or more days of ISS they will lose their 
                                exemption status for the remainder of the year. 

         Ø  Students receiving 1 day of OSS must take all Mid-Terms and Finals.

          Attendance:  After September 8, 2015, students who have accumulated 10 or more absences must take all Mid-Terms and Finals.  It is the responsibility of the student to make sure their attendance is correct.

    Ø  Any unexcused tardies will result in taking Mid-terms or Finals.  Tardies will re-set at mid-terms. 

    Ø  Any unexcused absences will result in taking Mid-terms and Finals. 

    Ø  3 or more tardies to any individual class will result in loss of mid-term or final exemption for that class.

          Seniors MUST be satisfactorily completed with their required parts of Compass Learning to qualify for exemption.   

          If a student is non-proficient on any Keystone Exam, they must take all Mid-Terms and Finals in the content area until they are proficient. 

          ALL AP students must take all AP Mid-terms and Finals.

          Students must complete an Exemption Form.