• ¡Hola!

    As we progress through this year we will be learning so many different aspects of the Hispanic culture and language. 
    Keep an open mind because we will be doing many things that may be different from what you are accustomed. We are going to break some rules (grammar rules) and develop new thought and ideas.
    Be willing to try new things, think outside the box and develop you communication skills.
    Please continue to monitor your student's progress. If you have any comments, concerns, problems or questions - please feel free to contact me via email or through the office.
    This is my eleventh year at CASHS after 18 years at Faust. It has been quite an adjustment, new room, new faculty, new technology, new curriculum, and a new lesson plan format. It is nice to have a larger department to confer with and to have as a support system. Now with 5 Spanish teachers, we can open the lines of communication and grow to meet the needs of the students in the various levels.
    I hope my students can bear with me as I learn how to use a smart board and the various programs that go along with it. It's hard to give up the old technologies, but it's fun to learn something new.
    As the year progresses, I hope to see all my students growing and learning more. The ultimate goal is to get them comfortable with learning and using the language as much as possible!