• Cadets are required to wear their NJROTC Uniform once a week on the designated uniform day.  Normally this will be Wednesdays for all classes.  The designated day might change from time to time, so Cadets should always check the Plan of the Week to know for certain which day is the uniform inspection.  Cadets need to wear their uniform for the ENTIRE school day. 

    Uniform wear is considered to be homework.  Cadets are graded on:

        1.  Proper placement of insignia, ribbons, and name tags.

        2.  Cleanliness of the uniform, to include being pressed and wrinkle free.

        3.  Cadets arrive at school with all the proper uniform items.

        4.  Cadets meet all grooming standards.  

    The standards that are graded are given to each Cadet in their Cadet Reference Manual and have been explained in great detail during class.

    Grading Policy 

    1. If a Cadet fails to wear their uniform on the designated uniform day, they will receive a grade of Zero 0%

    2.  Absent on uniform day (excused absence):  If a Cadet is absent on their designated uniform day and the absence is excused, an "excused" annotation will be made in the gradebook and this event will not be averaged into the cadet's grades.  

    3. Continued failure to wear the uniform: repeated failure to wear the NJROTC uniform on the prescribed day of the week or properly adhere to regulations regarding the wear of the uniform will result in disenrollment from the program.

  • Cadet Uniform Measurements