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    Think outside the barn!!!
    Agriculture is about so much more than just farming.  Small Animal Care, Large Animal Science, SAE, Floral Design, Landscape & Turf Grass Management, and Forestry & Wildlife all give you an opportunity to explore the other realms of agriculture.  These classes have a hands-on approach to learning. 
    Courses Taught
    Small Animal Care- This course is designed to appeal to students who have an interest in working with small animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.  The classroom has multiple small animals that the students are responsible for taking care of.  There is a focus in this class on preparing students for college with a focus in animal sciences.
    Floral Design- This course appeals to those who like to work with their hands and be creative.  Projects include boutonnieres, bud vases, wreaths, & centerpieces.  A small portion of the class focuses on plant science and proper care of cut flowers.
    Aquatics & Natural Resources Management-This course is for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career preserving natural resources, managing wildlife, & exploring ways in which we can improve the over health of our planet.  Topics discuessed include water, land, & wildlife conservation. 
    Veterinary Science 1 & 2- Students enrolled in these courses are interested in the veterinary industry or medical industry.  Each course is worth 1/2 of a Science credit.  Students will gain an understanding of the medical industry that will benefit them in both the human & animal medical industry.  
    Large Animal Science- This is a full year course that explores production agriculture.  Meat, milk, & eggs are all products discussed in great detail as well as the care & housing of large animals including horses.  Students interested in pursuing a degree in the veterinary field or animal science field will benefit from this course.
    Supervised Ag Experience (SAE)- There are 4 levels to this course.  After completion of the first level, a students can move onto the second level the next year.  Each course is worth 1 full credit.  Students enrolled in this course do not have a set meeting time.  They complete a record book, which involves taking care of animals, science experiments, improvement projects, or gaining a particular skill.  The records are graded each marking period, and the student recieves a grade based on their records and progress of their project.  Individual meetings are scheduled with myself to track their progress.   
    A little about your teacher...
    I graduated from good ole' CASHS in 2003. While there I threw javeline, was in Mu Alpha Theta, AV, FFA, and FCA. I also played tournament and league softball. From there I went to Wilson College to play college level softball for a year. My life then led me to the Mont Alto campus of Penn State for one year. After this, I made the 2 hour jaunt to Happy Valley. I spent the next two years studying Agriculture Education and becoming a diehard Penn State Football fan. In my last semester, I student taught at a very small high school in Blair County. And I mean small, they graduated 50 kids!!!  Today you can find me outdoors with my 2 sons and my husband.  We all love to spend time playing baseball, hiking, hunting, & riding 4-wheelers.