• Culinary I

  • In this course, students will study food preparation, emphasizing baking principles as well as cooking skills in a hands on setting. Students will gain knowledge in basic nutrition, food science, consumerism, and career opportunities.

    Students can expect to participate in about one cooking lab per week, which may take 1-2 days.  Students will also participate in demonstration lessons and food science experiments in addition to cooking labs. Teamwork skills are emphasized in addition to cooking skills, as all labs are completed in groups of 4-5 students.  

    One thing that surprises many students is how much work cooking really is!  Expect to be busy with both cooking and cleaning tasks from start to finish on lab days. It is my hope, however, that you enjoy every minute!  When we are not cooking, we learn about topics related to the food labs in a more traditional classroom atmosphere. 

    Below you can find most of the recipes you can expect to cook in Culinary I.