• IB Music Video -- brief description of the course as well as the difference between SL (standard level) and HL (higher level).
    (The teacher in the video is not a CASHS teacher but gives a good summary of the course.)

    IB Music is a rigorous elective designed to be of value to all students who are genuinely interested in music. 
    It is a weighted course (1.2)

    Who should take IB Music?

    • IB students with a genuine interest in music. IB Music fulfills the Group 6 requirement.
    • Juniors & Seniors who are planning to study music after high school - IB Music provides valuable music major preparation
    • Choral or Instrumental students who are interested in expanding their music knowledge and performance

    What will be studied?

    • IB Music students will explore, experiment with, and present music from several contexts: personal, local and global
    • 4 areas of inquiry: music for sociocultural and political expression; music for listening and performance; music for dramatic impact, movement and entertainment (such as film and theater); music technology

    What will IB Music students do?

    • Research, create and perform music of diverse styles



    Please note at CASHS, IB Music SL is two semesters (junior year if you're in the full IB program; either junior or senior if you are not). If you select HL, you will need to schedule IB Music for your senior year as well. If you have any other questions, please contact me. 


    Familiarize yourself with the attached information prior to the start of the school year.