• About Me:


    My name is Kristen Mowery

    I am a wife and mom of 3

    I have twins and a child with special needs.

    I am a "townie" - born and raised in Chambersburg.

    I am proud to teach at CASHS.


    I have taught here for the last 17 years.

    I teach Sociology, Honors World History, and AP World History. 

    I LOVE teaching.  It is the only job I have ever wanted to have. My classroom is an open place - all students are welcome to stop by.

    I also LOVE my students.  You might hear your teen talk about my "letters" to my studens.  They may discuss coming in early or for extra help.  I have office hours every Monday from 7:20 - 8:00.  I feel my job as a teacher is to be a resource to help students learn to think for themselves and be successful after high school.   If every student I taught found success and happiness, I would be profoundly happy.

    I don't believe homework is necessary for learning. (sometimes it is needed.)  I don't believe tests are the only way to assess learning.  I believe people should take responsibility their actions.  I believe students should be treated with respect and give respect.  I tell my students, "I don't care WHAT you think." .... "I only care THAT you think." The students will often repeat this to me throughout the year as we discuss issues.  I don't have an agenda to push liberal or conservative views to students, I want the students to absorb information and formulate their own opinion.