• Kapitel Sieben  Wie gefällt dir das? How do you like it?

     Chapter Seven Vocabulary Lists

    Chapter Unit Overview:  Students will learn the articles of clothing in German, colors, and how to describe what someone is wearing. Students will describe the fit and express opinions about clothing items. Students will discuss, size, price, quality and selection and state preferences. Students will learn the terms for various retail stores, names of German chain stores, terms for the various departments in a retail store. Students will learn about sales in Germany and how they are run differently from the U.S. Students will learn what the Ladenschlußgesetz is and how it affects the opening hours of stores.

    Students will also learn Stem Changing Verbs and the Irregular Verb: Wissen

    Important Vocabulary Terms, Key Understandings of Grammar and Supplementary Cultural Information are found under the document titled:

    Notwendige Vokabeln und Begriffe