•  KAPITEL 6            “Wie schmeckt’s?” How's it taste?

    Chapter Six Vocabulary Lists

    Chapter Unit Overview: Students will learn the names of the German meal times, types of food and drink typical in the German speaking countries, ways to say I like to eat / would like to eat and express food preferences,  common fruit, vegetable, meat, dairy and dessert items, terms for various eating establishments, menu categories, important expressions needed for dining out and understanding the cultural differences experienced while eating in restaurants in Germany.

    Students will also learn about the Modal Auxiliary Verbs: like to, would like to, have to, want to, suppossed to, able to, allowed to; Forms of Negation in German, as well as, the Future Tense.

     Important Vocabulary Terms, Key Understandings of Grammar and Supplementary Cultural Information are found under the document titled:

    Notwendige Vokabeln und Begriffe