• Kapitel 5 Stadt: Wie ist das Wetter? 

    City: How's the weather?

    Chapter Five Vocabulary Lists

     Chapter Unit Overview: Students will learn Germany's geographic location, topography and influences on its climate, the location of Germany's major cities, as well as, the names, capitols and languages of its neighboring countries. Students will learn terms and expressions related to weather and temperature, seasons and months, vacations and holidays. Students will learn to convert temperatures from celsius to fahrenheit. 

    Cultual Information: Students will learn which countries consider German; 1.) their mother tongue, 2.) an official working language, and 3.) a second language. Students will learn the origin of the fahrenheit scale, why  daylight hours often differ from the U.S. and why the federal states stagger the school vacations in the summer.

    Important Vocabulary Terms, Key Understandings of Grammar and Supplementary Cultural Information are found under the document titled:

    Notwendige Vokabeln und Begriffe