• Kapitel 4 Schule: Was lernst du?  

    School : What are you learning?

  • Chapter Four Vocabulary Lists

    Chapter Unit Overview: Students will learn common classroom items and supplies, describe the location of objects, learn the terms for school subjects, discuss class schedules, indicate preferences and explain grades in the various subjects they are learning. Students will also learn how English and German differ in indicating the function (i.e. subject, direct object and object of preposition) of nouns in a sentence and learn the prepositions that govern the accusative case.

    Cultural Info: Students will also recognize German influences on the development of the U.S. educational system, understand how the German educational system is organized, learn the types of schools available, understand school traditions specific to German speaking countries and explain how the U.S. and German systems differ from one another.

    Fun Facts: The Prussian education system was a system of mandatory education established in the early 19th century. Parts of this education system served as a model for U.S. education system. Kindergarten was an early schooling concept imported from Germany that caught on in the U.S with many schools teaching exclusively in German until World War I.

    Important Vocabulary Terms, Key Understandings of Grammar and Supplementary Cultural Information are found under the document titled:

    Notwendige Vokabeln und Begriffe