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    The Chambersburg Area School District will partner with families

    and the community to prepare all students for success

    as responsible citizens and life-long learners.  


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    Student, family, school and community share the responsibility and accountability for learning.

      Every student deserves a well-rounded education with high academic standards.
      Every student can be successful.
      Every student learns differently
      Learning takes place best in a positive and safe environment.
      Meaningful instruction has a real world application.
      Learning is life-long.



    Student Achievement Goals

      Student knowledge and skills will improve in reading, math and science as measured by an increase on the PSSA of 2% per year.
      Academic achievement benchmarks will be developed and implemented for grades 5,8 and 11.
      Remediation and alternative programs will be developed and implemented for grade 5, 8 and 11 for students not achieving benchmarks.
      Students will be required to achieve the benchmarks in order to receive a CASHS diploma.
      Graduation requirements will be reviewed every two years and revised as needed to remain competitive.
      The CASD will develop and implement more alternative programs to increase student achievement.

    Communication Goals

      A school newsletter will be sent with each progress report and report card.
      The CASD will maintain an up to date newsletter on the District web page for communication with the public.
      Student grades will be available to students and parents electronically.
      The CASD will develop and implement a public relations department by the beginning of the 2007-2008 school year.

    Workforce Development Goals
      The CASD will develop and implement K-12 career education and work standards.
      The CASD will form a work force committee to connect school and career.