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Mail Room Guidelines

  • Postal Mail & Copy Center Folders

    • USPS Mail should ALL be contained within the Postal Mail folders. Do not toss them loosely in the tote.
    • Copy Center work should be kept separate from the mail in your tote.
      • Copy Center paperwork is sent to a different location.
      • Many schools choose to contain the copy center work in a specially marked folder.
        • If you do not have a Copy Center folder and would like one (or need a new one), notify the Mail Room Clerk.

    Guidelines for Outgoing USPS Mail

    • Send envelopes with the “flap down”.
    • A return address is required on each envelope. Mail will be returned if the return address is missing.
    • A Department Code number must be written or attached to the envelope/bundle of envelopes.
    • Envelopes should not bulge. If they are, the envelope will be returned.

             Outgoing USPS mail sent to the mailroom should be organized:

      • All envelopes are facing the same direction.
      • Sealed/ not sealed – these need to be separated. When they are intermixed, they jam the mail machine.
      • Mail needs to be separated by department code. This can be done by using rubber bands, paper clips, or additional mail folders. If you need more mail folders, notify the Mail Room Clerk.

    Inter-Office Mail

    • Inter-office envelopes need to be addressed with a name and building/department.
    • Envelopes addressed to the DAO need to have a name and department.

Have a question?

  • Contact Marty Etter, Mail Room Clerk, at 717-267-4498.