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     Job Shadowing is defined as observing a profession or professional to gain a better understanding of a career and responsibilities. Students wishing to participate in Job Shadowing experiences are encouraged to complete the Job Shadowing Informational Packet. Job Shadowing is a career exploratory activity where students gain exposure to careers that are of interest to the student.  Students gain experience through working with business volunteers for a short period of time. Visiting local businesses, students investigate career fields and industry, experience a typical day on the job, job characteristics and responsibilities, and determine if the career is suitable for the student’s interests and aspirations (PDE Work-Based Learning Toolkit, 2017).

    Internships also provide a hands on learning experience observing a profession or professional.  Internships allow for a deeper understanding the workplace needs and responsibilities. Internships provide students a real - world experience that boosts confidence and helps the student create a more defined choice regarding the student’s future.  Students will have the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge, boost college and job applications, network with local professionals within one’s desired career field, and preview the student’s career of choice.

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