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  • The K - 12 Career Readiness Coordinator services all students in the Chambersburg School District. The role of the coordinator is to provide opportunities to students to explore, learn, and gain experiences in each students desired line of work.  The coordinator works with administrators, teachers, and students to identify and investigate career path opportunities and to allow students to properly prepare for their desired career destination. Working with students in grades K - 5 students are set on an exploratory journey to determine the careers available within our community and society.  Students identify how social skills increase workplace success and how goal setting can impact one's future. Middle School and High School students take a more in depth look at viable career opportunities, education paths, and impacts of secondary schooling on future career goals. Students are exposed to a greater career database and identify important aspects of careers such as workplace setting, earnings, educational needs, and career growth. 

    Additionally, the K - 12 Career Readiness Coordinator works with building administration to meet the needs of state mandates and requirements. Review the info graphic below to gain a better understanding of the state requirements and how our district is working to achieve this goal. 

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