Online Advertising Opportunities

  • The Chambersburg Area School District offers options for online advertising as part of the district's naming rights and sponsorship program. 100% of the funds from sponsorships are placed in a special revenue fund that is used solely to support student extra/co-curricular activities.

    Sponsors are partners with the district, showing their support of local Chambersburg students, while also receiving marketing benefits. In addition to advertisement placement, sponsors also receive recognition and thanks via periodic social media posts.

    Quick Facts:  

    • Projected Annual Website Impressions:
      • 3,000,000
    • Ad Unit Available:
      • 728x90 Leaderboard
    • Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM):
      • $6.67
        • Comparison Costs in 2022: Facebook: $7.19, Instagram: $7.91, Twitter: $6.46, Youtube: $9.68, TikTok: $10.00 (source)
  • Benefits:

    • Support local students by spending advertising funds that directly benefit student extra/co-curricular programs
    • Reach thousands of community members, CASD staff and students with your brand or services

    Sponsor Website Advertisement Options:

    1. CASD Website Digital Advertisements - $2000 per year, per share

      • Includes placement of one (1) or more shares of ten (10) total digital advertisements shown throughout all CASD websites.
      • One (1) year minimum agreements, beginning each year in September.
      • Artwork changes at any time, pending approval of CASD administration to fit advertising policy standards
      • Industry standard monthly reports including click-through rates, impressions, and more. Ads are hosted, served, and tracked via a third party company specializing in local school advertisements.

    2. Digital Corporate Sponsor Placement - $500 per year

      • Includes placement of a sponsor image, link to page, and business/organization information on the CASD Corporate Sponsors Page at
      • Image size: 400x400

    For more information, please contact Brian Miller, Communications & Marketing Director, at