• SchoolMessenger
    CASD's Instant Notification System

  • Keeping parents informed and involved helps to ensure student safety and improve student success. This is why our school district has decided to implement a new system called SchoolMessenger.

    SchoolMessenger is an essential tool for notification and communication. Within minutes of an emergency, we can use SchoolMessenger to deliver a single, clear message to parents or guardians by telephone. Information will continue to be communicated through our district website (www.casdonline.org), eNewsletters, Twitter, and local radio/television stations.

    This system will only work effectively if student contact information on file with the school is current and accurate. To verify your child's contact information, please call your child's school. If your contact information changes, it is critical that you notify your child's school with the correct information.

    To change your contact information, you must visit the school office and request a student information update form.

    To opt out of the system, a parent must complete the Opt-Out Form and return it to the child's school. Please note that by opting out of the system, you will not receive any calls, even in the event of an emergency.


    For questions or concerns, please e-mail: casdnews@www.casdonline.org