• Troubleshooting Tips


    Holding the power button down for 30 seconds and restarting the Chromebook will solve many of the Chromebook issues! 

    My Chromebook will not turn on.

    • Plug-in the charger to make sure you have power
    • Hold down the power button for 20 seconds, then let go and click the power button again

    How do I login and connect to wifi?

    My Chromebook will not connect to the wifi.

    • Click on the time in the bottom right hand of the screen - click on the wifi symbol. Next, click on the blue button on the right to turn off the wifi. Click the blue-button again to turn the wifi back on.

     Chromebook wifi

    • Restart your device by clicking the power button, then selecting the click on the power icon
    • Check your wifi router and your internet modem. If either are not working, contact your internet provider.

    My Chromebook is running slow or freezing up.

    • Restart your device by clicking the power button, then selecting the click on the power icon - if the power icon does not show up, hold the power button until it shuts down (up to 15 seconds)
    • Uninstall some of the apps or extensions installed on Chrome

    I cannot log on to the Chromebook

    • For K-8, make sure you're using your CASD District username and password (student ID).  Note, that 9-12 may set their own passwords.  Contact your teacher/school office if you need assistance with your username and password.
      • Teachers & Building Secretaries, you can assist a student with their username by clicking on the students name, click Other Information and you wlll see "CASD AD Username"  Their Student ID appears next to their name in the Quick Lookup.
    • Students and parents, you can find your student ID in the Community Web Portal by clicking Student Information.  You also use it every day at lunchtime!

    I do not know how to log into the LMS.

    If you log into the Chromebook, you will be automatically logged into the LMS.  if you are using your own device, be sure to use the link for students provided by your teacher.  You will need to then use your Google login crendentials.

    Can I used my cell phone instead of my Chromebook?

    No.  Please know that Edgenuity courses do not support cell phones.  If you are using a cell phone to do your assignments, the assignments may not be received by your teachers and your logins for attendance may not be recorded. It is necessary to use your school issued Chromebook and not a cell phone so your assignments and attendance are counted.

    Help with submitting files in Edgenuity.

    Guide to submitting Edgenuity files

    Help with the Chromebook keyboard.

    Keyboard, Mouse & Touch Screen Guide

    Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts - this is a great guide to download that shows you how to:

    • Take a screenshot
    • Open file and task manager
    • Launch apps on the shelf
    • Lock the screen
    • Open the hotdog menu
    • Toggle Caps Lock on and off
    • Logout
    • Mirror Monitor
    • Show keyboard shortcut overlay

    How do I translate in Google Classroom?  Como Traducir en Google Chrome.

    Screen is dark when powered on.

    Press brightness key above the 8 & 9.  Hold the power button for 30 seconds, then restart.

    My screen is rotated.

    Ctrl + shift + refresh

    Screen text is too Large or Small

    Ctr - to decrease zoom

    Ctrl + to increase zoom

    How do I enable ChromeVox (voice speaks with keystrokes)?

    Ctrl + alt + z

    A language is displaying other than English or certain keys are not typing correctly.

    1.  Click status bar (bottom right)

    2.  Click settings

    3.  Scroll down and click show advanced settings

    4.  Go to Language and input settings

    6.  Select English (United States)

    My Chromebook isn't charging, what should I do?

    If your devise isn't charging correctly, please inspect the area where the charger plugs into the device to make sure it is free of any debris.  If this doesn't fix the problem, submit a remote ticket or refer to the numbers on the Chromebook Guide For Familes

    How do I take a picture of my work to upload to my teachers?

    Print instructions from Google can also be found here:  https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/4487486?hl=en
    Other common issues can be found in the Common Troubleshooting Tips Guide.