District Comprehensive Plan 2016 -19

  • Overview

    What is Comprehensive Planning?

    Comprehensive planning allows the district to forecast the scope of its work for the next three years.  Within this plan, CASD articulates district goals, strategies and implementation steps.  The Pennsylvania Department of Education stipulates the following sections be included in the comprehensive plan:

    ·         Special Ed. (part of the plan but approved separately)

    ·         Gifted (part of the plan but approved separately)

    ·         Pre-K, Early Childhood

    ·         Professional Education

    ·         Student Services

    ·         Technology (interwoven through each section)

    Chambersburg Area School District is a phase 1 district.  Training and support for CASD was provided by Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12.  Training and planning started in June of 2014 with a final submission date of February 2016.


    Why do we complete Comprehensive Plans and what did it replace?

    Prior to comprehensive planning, PDE enforced a six year strategic planning process.  In the last few years, the strategic plan changed to the three year comprehensive plan.  Comprehensive planning is part of the PA School code as a component within the Chapter 4 Guidelines (section 4.13) and is outlined in CASD Board Policy #100.  As required by PDE, our comprehensive plan must be made available for public view for 28 days prior to final submission deadline. (February 29, 2016)  The 2016-2019 Comprehensive Plan will be made available on the CASD website www.casdonline.org and on display in the Administration Building in hard copy.


    How often do we complete the comprehensive planning process?

    Once approved, this comprehensive plan will be in place for three years.


    Click here to view the 2016-2019 District Comprehensive Plan.