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    Chambersburg Area School District is partnering with One2One Risk Solutions to provide accident protection for 1:1 Chromebooks and CMS iPads. Registering with One2One and purchasing a damage waiver will protect you from the cost to repair or replace your device and limit your responsibility to a per-occurrence deductible outlined below, should a loss occur. 

    Effective Dates:  Coverage extends from the date of purchase through the end of the school year.  Be sure to sign up for your coverage today!  Coverage costs $30 with no deductibles! If you choose to opt out of the damage waiver program during enrollment you will be responsible to pay the per incident cost or replacement cost for the device.  Please be sure to read the insurance info letter for full details.  ALL PARENTS MUST OPT IN OR OUT OF THE INSURANCE.

    Costs and Coverage:  


    Not Insured


    Upfront Cost (entire school year)



    1st Repair incident



    2nd Repair Incident



    3rd Repair Incident



    Lost/Stolen Chromebook/iPad* -

    1st claim

    Full Cost of



    Lost/Stolen Chromebook/iPad

    and subsequent claims*

    Full Cost of


    Full Cost of


    Cost of lost power cord

    Actual Cost

    Actual Cost

                                                               *Police Report is required.

    Damage Waiver (Insurance) Price - $30

    This program is being offered on an optional basis. If you choose to opt-out of the damage waiver program during enrollment you will be responsible to pay the deductible schedule.

    Opt In or Out of Insurance Here: 

    One2One Directions How to Opt In (Register) or Opt Out - Step by Step Directions - English | Spanish

    Please note that you must enroll your device regardless if you are puchasing insurance or not.  You must agree to choose to purchase or not purchase insurance during this process.  You will need the student's ID to enroll!

    Letter to parents:

    Insurance Summary:

    For questions about how to enroll, please contact our One2One Helpdesk at ggb.one2one@ajg.com.

    How to Process a Claim

    Go here to process a claim:  https://www.one2onerisk.com/


    To request a refund for the damage waiver, contact your child's school.  Refunds will be honored if you meet the following criteria:

    • The student was enrolled for 30 or less days
    • The student is withdrawn from the District
    • The device is returned and in the same condition as when it was issued

    *When contacting the school, you will need to provide the student name, ID and your parent/guardian contact information.  If you have more than one child, you only need to contact one school with the needed information.

    The One2One Helpdesk

    Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc.
    12444 Powerscourt Dr.
    Suite 500
    St. Louis, MO 63131
    1-855-ONE2ONE (1-855-663-2663)

    Office Hours
    Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time
    Closed Saturday & Sunday

    Please visit www.one2onerisk.com and select “Enroll my Device” to get started.  You will need your Student ID.  This info can be found in your Community Web Portal account.