Guidelines For Use of Public Comments

    All School District social media accounts shall operate as either a non-public forum, where the public may not comment on the District's posts, or as a limited public forum, where the public may comment publicly on the District's posts - subject to certain guidelines. Whether a social media account is operated as a non-public forum or limited public forum shall be determined by the account operator.

    School District social media accounts that operate as a limited public forum shall include a prominent link to the following comment guidelines, posted on the School District's website:

    • Comments must be related to the original School District postPhone image
    • No personal attacks
    • No lewd, vulgar, or obscene posts
    • No discriminatory or harassing comments
    • No posts promoting violence or illegal conduct

    Individual comments or posts that violate the above guidelines may be deleted (if possible given the social media platform) without further notice. Posts may not be deleted simply because they are critical of the School District, or because they promote an unpopular opinion, if the post otherwise complies with the above guidelines.

    School District social media account operators may not block users from accessing the School District's social media posts. A District Administrator or designee shall refer any user who repeatedly violates to the Superintendent for further investigation and potential legal remedies.