• Children's Online Privacy Protection Act - COPPA

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    The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), federal legislation which aim to protect children under 13 when using the Internet.

    “The intent of COPPA is not to limit children’s access to websites or information, rather to limit the Web site operators’ or creators’ ability to get information from children.”

    Throughout the school year we may be using different websites for educational purposes. These websites are known as Web 2.0 tools and Google Apps for Education (GAFE).

    Some of these Web 2.0 tools require the teacher provide your child with a username/password to access the site and its content. The information can include a student’s first and last name, his/her ID number, and the school name. This information is kept confidential by the site and not used for any purpose other than account creation.

    Because your child is under the age of 13, the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), federal legislation which aim to protect children when using the Internet, requires that CASD Schools to notify you and/or obtain consent for your child to use these web sites. The intent of this information is to serve as both a notice to parent/guardian of the use of these web sites and provide consent from you, the parent, for your child to be able to use these sites.

    Information and Resources

    The following is a list of applications and interactive online resources that have been approved for use by our district for the 2019-2020 school year. This list of approved websites and apps is updated regularly. Parents and Guardians should check back regularly at this URL to stay up to date on the latest apps and websites approved for use across the District. Each site listed provides a link to a privacy policy which describes how or if the site collects and/or uses data. We encourage you to visit each website and review the privacy policy for how student data is used.

    Letter to Parents:  CASD COPPA Parent Letter (English & Spanish)
    Consent Directions:  Technology Checklist for Parents (English & Spanish)
    COPPA Apps Spreadsheet view:  CASD Website and Applications Link
    Downloadable list of CASD Websites and Apps below!
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  • COPPA Definition and Links

    The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act was enacted by Congress in 1998. The law requires the Federal Trade Commission to “issue and enforce regulations concerning children’s online privacy,” according to the FTC’s frequently-asked-questions page.

    The commission put its first COPPA-related rules in place in 2000, and amended them in 2013.  Additional info can be found at www.coppa.org

    How do I Know An App Is Safe?

    • Check the privacy policy.

      To comply with COPPA, all websites and apps have to provide a privacy policy that clearly outlines what information they collect, use, and disclose from children. If you're unable to locate an app’s privacy policy or struggle to understand what the app does with your child’s personal information, don’t risk it.

    • Look for COPPA Certifications and Seals

      Some apps take the step of getting ertified. If you see any COPPA seals or certifications on an app’s website, there is a good chance it is safe. Be on the lookout for badges from:

    • Do Some Research. 

      You can learn a lot about an app by reading through some of the app store reviews or doing a quick Google search. If an app is a known COPPA violator, you may encounter articles about lawsuits or complaints from educators and parenting advocates.  Another excellent resource for examining the privacy policies of applications is Common Sense Media.