• Hello and thank you for visiting my home page.  

    My name is Mr. Hopkins and I teach elementary physical education for CASD at Grandview, Falling Spring and Lurgan Elementaries.

    Daily Schedule

    Day 1 and 2: Falling Spring

    Day 3 and 4: Grandview

    Day 5: Lurgan

     Please be aware of which day your student has Physical Education. 

    Students should come prepared for class by:

    1. Wearing sneakers

    2. Wearing apporpriate clothing for physical activity (not too loose or too tight)

    3. Participating to the best of their ability with a positive attitude


    About Me

    I have taught elementary physical education for 6 years and 1 year of emotional/autistic support at another Pennsylvania school district.  I coach boy's lacrosse and enjoy sports and physcial activity of all kinds.  I am originally from Dillsburg, Pa but spent my college years at McDaniel College in Westminster, Md where I earned a B.A. in exercise science and physical education, with minors in sports management and coaching, and a M.S. in education.  I student taught in the Carroll County Public School system and taught elementary physical education there for 4 years before moving my teaching career to Pennsylvania.  

    I enjoy spending my free time with my wife of 5 years and our 4 year old son and infant daughter, as well as coaching high school and youth sports.

    If you need to contact me, please email me at william.hopkins@casdonline.org



  • Google Classrooms and Google Meet

    To begin the 2020-2021 school year, physical education class will look a little different than when we are able to meet face to face for class.  

    First, we will be using google classroom to work collaboratively with each other and to work on assignments.  Each school that I teach at will have a PE google classroom for each grade, not individual classes.  All students in each grade will have access to the grade level google classroom for physical education.  If you do not have the google code for your grade, please email me and I will send the proper code for you to log in.

    Along with google classroom, we will be holding virtual PE classes during your regularly scheduled PE time.  The google meet codes have been sent to your classroom teachers to share with you.  If you have the google classroom code already and have joined the class, you will be able to find the google meet code under the google class name at the top of the screen when in google classroom.  Please see the daily schedule for your school above and click on your school to the left to find the schedule.  

    Please be aware that you are to only be on the google meet during your regularly scheduled PE time.  For example, if you have PE on day 1, please do not log into the google meet on day 2 when you are to be in another special.  I will be tracking attendance and assignment completion (Don't worry, they won't be hard.)



  • Units

    During the school year, we will engage in many different sports, activites and cooperative games.


    - Football, Soccer, Floor Hockey, Lacrosse, Kickball

    Activities and Cooperative Games

    - Scrambled Eggs and Dead Bugs, Foxtails, Foxtails Extreme, Pin Protector, GOTCHA