• 6th Grade Social Studies- Western Hemisphere


    The course of the 6th Grade Social Studies class is focused on studying the geograhy and culture of the Western Hemishpere.  The basics of geogray are first.  Topics will include the five themes of geography (location, place, human-environment, movement and region), maps, climate and weather, seaons, vegetation, population, migration, economic systems, political systems, culture, and land use.  The journey will continue by studying the culture and geograpy of Latin America including the idigenous people.  Middle America and then the Caribbean are studied before heading south to South America.  The year is completed by traveling north to Canada learning about the maple-leaf country.

  • 7th Grade Social Studies Ancient History

    All Students Will:

    • Understand the development of prehistoric man.
    • Know the chronological development of ancient Middle Eastern Cultures.
    • Understand the chronological development of ancient Eastern cultures and Classical Civilizations.
    • Learn when the Middle Ages were and what they were like.
    • Appreciate the scope of world cultures as the study of the Earth and its peoples.
    • Use maps and other geographic tools and technology to obtain and analyze information.


    Units of Study:

    • Prehistory/Early Man
    • Fertile Crescent
    • Ancient Egypt
    • Ancient Chine
    • Ancient Greece
    • Ancient Rome
    • Middle Ages


    Unit Areas of Focus:  Each area of focus is intertwined into every Unit of Study

    • Geography
      • Physical Features
      • Cities/Townes
    • Religion
    • Government
      • Type
      • Public Works
    • Culture
      • Art/Architecture
      • Writing
      • Social Classes
      • Job Specialization
    • Contributions


Grade 7- Ancient History


    8th Grade Social Studies - World Geography

    The foundation of geography is knowing the names and locations of countries, cities, mountains and rivers.  If your child has no clue where Japan, Berlin, or Mt. Everest is in relation to the United States, then its is hard for him or her to fully grasp the topic when we are discussing it in class.  Asa the world increasingly becomes a smaller, more interdependend place, knowing the names of the places around you is more necessare than ever, but geography is about much more than this single component.  Geography, places the whole world at your fingertips.  It takes you on fantastic voyages to faraway environments and exotic landscapes and introduces you to our planet's kaleidoscope of peoples, culturess and ways of life, in our increasing globalized and interconnected society, knowledge of geography is more important than ever to understandin the world and your place in it.


    "Main Topics"

    Throughout the course of the school year we will be discussing many topics.  We plan on getting through all of the topics listed below (some more in depth than others) using current events, magazines, textbooks and the internet to enhance our discussions of these regions and themes.

    • Map Skills
    • 5 Thems of Geography
    • Culture
    • Immigration
    • Distribution of Wealth
    • Environmental Issues
    • Austrailia
    • Pacific Islands
    • Antartica
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • Europe
    • Russia and its Neighbors