Letter of Service

  • Dear Students, Parents and Community Member,

    It is an honor and privilege to serve as your superintendent. Before becoming superintendent, I had the opportunity to meet a great many individuals and groups to find out a) what they like about the school district, b) what improvements they would like to see, and c) what they would like from me as superintendent. The information I received included a strong interest in continuing the many programs and offerings for students. They would like to see better communication among employees. They also want to see a heightened focus on academic achievement. In working with my team and the School Board and many stakeholders, we came up with four main goals. These include:

    1. Academic Achievement
    2. Career and College Readiness
    3. Staff Development
    4. Financial Accountability and Stewardship

     Each principal and school will have goals around the following:

    1. Academic Achievement and College and Career Readiness
    2. Collaborative Working Relationships with a focus on addressing student learning needs
    3. Parent and Community Involvement
    4. Staff Development

    Our collective and individual goals include strategies for meeting our goals and specific ways to measure our success. It is important that we be accountable for positive change in all that we do. You can see the district administrative team’s goals below School goals are available by contacting respective principals.

    I hope to see you in an around the community and in schools.

    Best regards,

    Dr. Dion Betts,