Web Accessiblity

  • Chambersburg Area School District is committed to making sure that our website is able to be fully accessible to all, including those with disabilities.  We are committed to making sure that the website content is accessible and that the user navigation will be successful, and all users can engage in the different elements offered.

    CASD used Web Community Manager (WCM) by Blackboard which is a product are designed and developed in accordance with the internationally recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA as well as the Section 508 standards in the United States. A third party conducts regular audits of our software to ensure quality expectations are being met and maintained.

    The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are organized around four principles (POUR):

    • Perceivable
    • Operable
    • Understandable
    • Robust

    Perceivable means that the information and content is presented and available to everyone, including persons with disabilities.

    Operable means that the website interface does not require interaction that persons with disabilities cannot perform.

    Understandable means that both the information and operation of the user interface must be readily understandable to everyone (make everything simple, provide clear instructions).

    Robust means that the website is accessible through a wide variety of user agents and technologies such as various screen readers and browsers.

    Keyboard Navigation

    Industry standard keyboard interactions are used throughout Blackboard WCM. Keyboard navigation patterns differ between browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome), but the interactions within any particular browser are common and consistent.

    If you are using a Mac with Firefox or Safari and are having difficulty navigating using your keyboard, review and update your operating system and browser settings. This ensures they are properly configured for keyboard navigation. To learn more, see the following information:

    Accessibility in the WCM platform

    The Web Community Manager platform approaches accessibility in the following ways:

    • Template-based pages and apps provide consistent interactions and user experience across pages
    • Allows clients to configure their templates while still remaining within the color contrast ratio
    • Provides full support for keyboard navigation
    • Text can be resized 200 percent without loss of content or functionality
    • Contains page titles with the name of the workspace within which the user is working
    Keeping Web Accessibility in Mind

    Gain an appreciation of web accessibility by understanding the user perspective. This 11.5 minute video provides an overview of the difficulties users with disabilities face on the web and some of the motivations for web accessibility.

    To learn more about web accessibility, go to https://webaim.org/

    Accessibility Software