Employee Retirement

  • Employees,

    When you are considering retirement, please contact PSERS and Human Resources immediately to begin the process, even if you haven't decided on a retirement date.

    1. Complete your PSERS retirement estimate: form can be found https://www.psers.pa.gov/FPP/Forms/Documents/f151.pdf
    2. Contact PSERS to schedule your exit counseling session. 1-888-773-7748
    3. Determine your date of retirement and communicate with all parties involved.
      1. Please try ensure your retirement date is a scheduled work day.
    4. Send a retirement letter to the Human Resources Department with effective date.
    5. Human Resources will notify the Business Office of the retirement request once board approved.
    6. Business Office will email your final pay calculations.
    7. The final direct deposit receipt, not check, is mailed to their mailing address. Their final pay is direct deposit.
    8. Business Office will send a letter stating applicable, unused leave and payout. This is done quarterly.
    9. If retiring mid-year, all leave and salary are pro-rated based on the number of days worked according to your contract.
    10. Information on a 403B account for any remaining, unused leave can be found on the Business Office website. https://www.casdonline.org/Domain/33
    11. Around the middle of the month following the month after notification of retirement, PSERS will be notified of your final wages.


    Note: It is best practice to notify PSERS as early as possible when considering retirement. PSERS does an audit on every person’s years of service and takes time to complete.  Once the CASD receives the audit, the CASD has two weeks to respond to the findings.

    Health Insurance Benefits

    Health Insurance Benefits may be available during retirement until age 65.  Please contact the Benefits Administrator prior to retirement to discuss your retirement health insurance options through the District.

    Contact HR/ Business Office to ask questions at the initial stage of retirement because every person is different with their service to CASD.  If you receive letters from PSERS, please contact PSERS and not the CASD.  The CASD cannot answer retirement questions about you from PSERS.

    Notify the district of any change of address before or after retirement.

    Human Resources – Emily Dice  (717) 261-3314; Missy Hockenberry (717) 261-5668
    Payroll Supervisor – Sandy Delaney (717) 261-5633
    Benefits Administrator – Mike Reading (717) 709-4089
    403(b) – Tracey Hammond (717) 261-3308