• About the Board

  • The School Board of Directors is responsible for setting policies that govern how the district operates. As advocates for public education, they are elected to serve four-year terms and represent particular regions within the district. Their terms of service are unpaid.  School board meetings are generally held on the fourth Tuesdays of the month at 7 p.m. in the district administration building, located at 435 Stanley Avenue or such locations as the Board of School Directors may subsequently designate. The public is invited to attend these meetings and to comment during designated times.  Committee of the Whole Meetings are also open to the public, and generally, they are held the Tuesday preceding the Regular Board Meeting for that month.

  • Zoning Information

    REGION 1

    Mrs. Faye Gaugler

    (717) 264-3170

    Term Expires: 2025

    Kenny’s Auction,

    Lurgan Twp. Supervisors’ Ofc,

    Pleasant Hall Volunteer
    Fire Co., and

    Salem United Brethren



    REGION 2

    Dr. Mark Schur

    (814) 767-0074

    Term Expires: 2023

    Fayetteville Church of God,

    Fayetteville Volunteer
    Fire Department,

    New Franklin Community


    REGION 3

    Dr. Sherian Diller

    (717) 816-1569

    Term Expires: 2025

    Calvary United

    Methodist Church,

    Heidelburg Church,

    New Guilford Brethren
    in Christ Church

    REGION 4

    Mr. Lance Walker

    (717) Not Available

    Term Expires: 2025

    Chambersburg Bible Church

    and Grace Brethren Church 





    REGION 5

    Mr. Bill Lennartz

    (703) 463-7768

    Term Expires: 2023

    St. Paul United Methodist,

    Mount Pleasant United 
    Brethren Church,

    Scotland Community Center




    REGION 6

    Mr. Edward Norcross

    (717) 261-7748

    Term Expires: 2025

    Cornerstone Church
    of Christ,

    Crider’s United
    Brethren Church,

    and National Guard


    REGION 7

    Mr. Michael Finucane

    (717) 264-1400

    Term Expires: 2023

    CASD Administration Building
    (Chambersburg 2-2), 

    Chambersburg Baptist Church




    REGION 8

    Mr. Carl McKee

    (717) 360-5779

    Term Expires: 2023

    Falling Spring Presbyterian,

    First Lutheran, and

    Park Ave. United
    Methodist Church


    REGION 9

    Mr. Benjamin Raber

    (717) 504-5253

    Term Expires: 2023

    CASD Administration Building
    (Chambersburg 2-1), 

    Chambersburg Recreation