•  The Chambersburg Area School District transports more than 9,500 students each day over 250 square miles.  Over 125 school buses/vans travel approximately 8,700 miles each day to get our children to and from school.

Buzzy Bee Safety Awards


    Buzzy Bee Safety Program

    The Transportation Department awards students for following bus safety rules.  This is a monthly program is for elementary students in Kindergarten through 5th  grades and will recognize students who have followed school bus safety rules and demonstrated being a safe rider.

    We hope to continue to promote bus safety throughout the district and community.



Transportation Policies



    Transportation policy change #1:

    Students may have different a.m. and p.m. pick-up and drop-off locations, but these arrangements must remain the same each day of the week. In the past, students could be picked up and dropped off at various places throughout the week, but this will no longer be possible.

    Transportation policy change #2:

    Students will not be allowed to ride home on a different bus even with a parent note. In the past, a parent could send a note to the school and the child would be given permission to ride home with a friend. If there is an extreme emergency that would make it necessary for a child to ride a different bus, a parent must get prior approval for this change from Craig Kirkpatrick, Supervisor of Transportation, or from Lisa Deaven, the Assistant Supervisor of Transportation.

    With 110 bus routes transporting 8,500 students to our public and non-public schools throughout our school district, the level of safety that is critical in transporting students can not be maintained at a necessary level while accommodating changes to individual transportation patterns. Our goal is to transport all of our students to and from school safely, while trying to accommodate the needs of every family as well as possible. If you have any questions about this policy change, please contact Craig Kirkpatrick or Lisa Deaven.