• Supplies to Work from Home


  • Supplies Needed to Work from Home


    Mrs. Gingerich

    * spiral bound notebook 


    Ms. Brown

    * Wipe Off Markers (get several - skinny point will work best for handwriting) You can use an old sock or rag for an eraser.

    * Flash Cards - Addition and Subtraction (PRACTICE,  PRACTICE,  PRACTICE! - you should know these basic facts quickly - 3 seconds or less. It will help you with multiplication later this year)


    Projects (when assigned) and Mrs. Yoder - Art

    *crayons/colored pencils/markers

    *pencils/erasers/scissors (a kid-friendly pair of scissors may be useful)

    *glue stick and a glue bottle

    *black Sharpie

    *paint tray (Dollar Tree)