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  • The Foundation administers a teacher grant program each year for innovative programs and equipment unique to a project or curriculum not funded in the regular district budget. To date, more than $1.5 M has been utilized by teachers to enhance learning!  


    Grant App

    Apply now using our online applications for our three grant programs:

    TEACHER INNOVATION (Projects will be accepted across all disciplines K-12.)


    Please note that you must complete the CASD Technology Pre-Approval Form and return it to the Technology Department before January 2nd in order to submit a grant application for consideration that involves purchase of any technology. 


    Abigael Bellows had a zest for life unmatched by others at her young age. She recognized that the world is a big place and that there are so many opportunities for learning and making connections across cultures. In an effort to honor Abby's legacy, her family will be offering grant funding this year for classroom initiatives K-12 that include an international component.  
    Learn about Abby here.



             JANUARY 30th, 2023






    What do CASD Foundation grants support?
    Faculty, staff, and administrators may apply for funding in support of enrichment projects that benefit students.  We fund a broad range of projects, from those that focus on traditional academic subjects, to others in the visual and performing arts, and still others that promote multi-cultural and community learning experiences.

    CASD Foundation-funded programs should enhance, but not duplicate, the standard curriculum.  We look for innovative, creative ideas that fall outside the ordinary school budget yet promise to augment the curricula in a meaningful way.  The Foundation encourages projects that demonstrate a partnership between teachers, schools and across disciplines. Our grants generally do not underwrite basic school needs.

    If you have questions about whether your project would merit consideration by the CASD Foundation Board, feel free to contact Angela Lynch, Foundation Executive Director, via (717)709-4091 or email angela.lynch@casdonline.org for clarification.

    Who decides whether a project gets funded?
    Applications will be approved by the district administration before being reviewed by the CASD Foundation Board of Directors. Once approved by the district, applications will be distributed to the Foundation Board for consideration. A Board member may contact the applicant prior to the review to learn more about the request. The Board may choose to offer partial funding at their discretion.  The Foundation encourages collaborative funding and invites applicants to seek partial or additional funding from other sources. 

    The applications will be rated using the following evaluation rubric:

    1. Curriculum Relevance – to be determined and numerically rated by district administration

    2. Clarity of Proposal – the degree of ease and simplicity in understanding and interpreting the proposal and its objectives

    3. Number of Students Served

    4. Cost per Student – Total cost of project divided by the number of students served (exceptions to be considered for elementary and special education single class projects resulting in low numbers and higher costs; may also apply to certain secondary projects)

    5. Replication/Sustainability – the degree to which the project can be repeated in future years at little or no cost and/or the desire to utilize the project in other similar classes or schools

    6. Clearly Defined and Articulated Evaluative Process – a clearly stated methodology for determining the effectiveness of the project

    7. Innovation or Uniqueness of Project – a new or unusual approach to instruction

      What makes a grant application successful?

    • The application must be complete and comply with deadlines.
    • It should be clearly written to be understood by non-educators and must include an authorizing online signature.
    • It should demonstrate creativity and innovation in educational programming and target a significant number of children. 
    • The application may be a collaborative effort between educators, schools, or others to reach children in multiple classrooms, grade levels or buildings.
    • If an ongoing project, applicants must provide an explanation for sustainability.
    • Any non-CASD Foundation funding should be identified.
    • The applicants agree to account for and report on the project once funded.
    • The application should not seek repeat funding for a previously approved project or retroactive funding for an existing project.
    • The application should not seek funds for food, transportation, or field trips.
    • If equipment is requested, please include shipping costs.


    The Process

    The following deadline will apply for the 2022-2023 cycle:


    Tuesday, November 1st, 2022 - Online grant applications go live.

    Monday, January 30th, 2023 - Closing date for grant applications.

    *** All applications must received via the online grant application. 

    Information will be approved by district administration and then will be reviewed by the Foundation Board Grant Committee.

    The Foundation Board will meet to determine grant appropriations and awards will be announced and publicized to local media in February 2023. Following this announcement, the Foundation will begin to purchase materials and services as identified on purchase order requests. Project implementation may begin as early as Spring 2023. 


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