This Makerspace Station is called Virtuali Tee.  This is a t-shirt that has microchips embedded within it. Students use an IPAD to scan the t-shirt, then it will open up to a part of the body.  The students receive an explanation of that part of the body.

    Students viewing the body

  • Coding is how we communicate with computers.  Students use the website Code.org and learn how to write lines of code, create algorithms, and learn how to loop commands. 



  • This Makerspace has the children creating objects using IO blocks. Students use an IPAD to scan a card that shows an augmented version of the object.









  • At this station, students make a rocket out of paper, pipettes, tape, and straws, then launch it.  Distance is measured and recorded, then students reassess to figure out how they can improve the distance their rocket travels.