• About Us

  • The Technology Department provides the solutions and support that enable staff and students to achieve their potential through the effective use of technology. In this, we strive to realize our District vision of "Anytime, Anywhere - Learning and Access!"  Our staff is committed to a high quality and standard of customer service; we mentor and coach our faculty to learn, understand, and utilize the many technology capabilities that are available in our District.

    Our services include technical infrastructure and services support, including all wired and wireless network and devices.  We provide software and database services support for critical systems, including student management, learning management, and staff, library, VOIP phones, and professional development systems.

    Our dedicated staff partners with teachers, students, administrators, and the community in providing services and support. This unique partnership has allowed us to empower our partners voices and suggestions into our policies and work flows.

    Technology Essential Links

    Below you will see the District's guiding Technology Plan.  Also, as the policy that drives the technology use in the District, it is important to read the District Acceptable Use Policy. 


  • Please report all technicial issues to IncidentIQ.  If you have an emergency, contact the Technology Department by calling 709-4039 (direct dial extension 14039).