What can you do to help during an actual emergency?

  • 1.  Remain Calm.

    2. Please cooperate with school and public safety officials.

    3. Do NOT Go to the School. Emergency vehicles may need to respond and traffic and parking congestion could hamper access.

    4. Keep Phone Lines Open. The school will need open phone lines for emergency communications.

    5. Be Patient. You will be notified as soon as possible, and told where and when to pick up students.

    6. Check this website, Facebook and / or Twitter for news.


    Communications During a School Emergency Keeping our families informed and involved helps to ensure student safety and improve student success. With today's busy lifestyles, it has become more difficult for schools to reach families quickly and effectively. Therefore, Chambersburg Area School District has decided to implement a new Instant Notification System Global Connect. Global Connect is an essential tool for notification and communication. Within minutes of an emergency, school officials can use Global Connect to deliver a single, clear message to the students' parents or guardians by telephone and email. 

    This system will only be effective if we have the correct contact information for every child in our student information system. We need your help in providing us with that accurate information.