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  • CASD Commitment


      The Chambersburg Area School District is committed to ensuring that our schools provide a safe and secure environment for each student, staff member, and visitor.


    Each year CASD updates the emergency preparedness manual, which is then reviewed and approved by the appropriate administrators. Schools are required to practice monthly evacuation drills throughout the year. Each school establishes a crisis management team composed of school administrators and staff who receive basic and enhanced levels of emergency preparedness training, conducted by the Director of Safety


    Parents should be assured to know that the safety measures in place throughout the Chambersburg Area School District are extensive. The Director of Safety works to ensure that the District emergency plan is current and that all staff members are prepared to respond to a wide variety of school emergencies. The plans are designed with the help of school security staff members, as well as local law enforcement, emergency management, and public health officials. Plans are regularly reviewed and updated. These plans include procedures to respond to critical incidents, such as fire or tornado, and school system personnel practice these drills regularly. Each of our schools has numerous safety measures in place to provide a safe learning environment for our students. Some of the safety measures that can be found in schools include:

    • A crisis response team with selected members that have participated in training to ensure appropriate response on a variety of potential school emergencies.
    • All exterior school doors are kept locked with buzzer/intercom and video camera systems in place.
    • Closed circuit television (CCTV) installed in many schools.
    • Visitors sign-in and wear an I.D. badge. Visitors are asked to arrive early and be prepared to identify themselves. We thank parents and visitors for their patience.
    • All principals and key administrators have cell phones in order to assist in emergency communications.



CASD and Public Safety Agencies

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    School staff works closely with the appropriate local public safety agencies , such as police, fire, emergency medical services, and public health to effectively deal with a wide range of crises. Specifically, CASD has partnered with Franklin County Emergency Services, the Chambersburg Borough Police Department, the Pennsylvania State Police, and other agencies in planning and training activities to promote emergency preparedness throughout the CASD.
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