Student Assistance Program (SAP)

  • The Student Assistance Team, also known as SAP (Student Assistance Program) or PASS (Programs Assisting Student Success) would like to pass along some information about what we do and how to make student referrals.

    What is PASS?

    Programs Assisting Student Success in the CASHS version of the Pennsylvania Student Assistance Program, which helps to identify students who are having difficulty with school.  It is hard to grow up in our world today and quite easy for teenagers to have problems with drug and alcohol use, grief or anger issues, mental health concerns, stress management problems, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or family health issues.  Any of these concerns can affect a student's ability to succeed in school.  Programs Assisting Student Success can help a student to address a variety of concerns.  It is not a counseling service but simply a tool to find a way for a student to get some help.

    How PASS Works

    Step One: Students can refer themselves or their friends.  Parents, teachers, administrators, or any caring adult may refer a student.

    Step Two:  Refer that student to the PASS Team.  Administrators, teachers, and students can fill out a referral form, parents can call and ask for a team member, or students may seek out a team member for a self-referral. 

    Step Three: Referrals are kept confidential.  Parent consent, however, is now required.  Information is gathered from teachers, guidance, and administrators to review grades, behavior, and attendance.

    *PASS team members are not permitted to discuss any specific details pertaining to the referral with other teachers.

    Step Four: The team will meet and make appropriate recommendations.  Our liaison from Laurel Life will then meet with the student to talk about any perceived problems and help find a way to solve them.  The liaison will listen to the student and help guide the student in the right direction.

    PASS FAQ's

    How can I tell if a problem requires the help of the PASS Team?

    If you are not sure about whether to refer a student or not, the best thing to do is to consult a team member.

    What if I am afraid to reach out?

    Don't be!  The PASS Team members care about the success of our students and will do their best to help.

    Once I make a referral, when will I hear back from a PASS Team member?

    Due to confidentiality and unless you are a parent/guardian, you will not hear from the PASS Team, but please do not let that discourage you from referring a student.  If you want to follow up with a team member, please feel free to contact one of us, and we will let you know that the student is in good hands.

    What happens to the referral forms and other PASS documents?

    The team uses the referral forms, as well as other documents to make decisions about how to best help the students.  The information provided to us in invaluable, and we appreciate the time that is taken to complete them.