• The Chambersburg Area School District covers 250 square miles in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, near the center of the Cumberland Valley. More than 61,000 people live in the district, which is composed of the Borough of Chambersburg, Greene, Hamilton, Letterkenny, and Lurgan townships, and most of Guilford Township.
    The Chambersburg Area School District has a rich and important history. We are fortunate to have almost 10,000 students of many different backgrounds and nations of origin. Just in the past several years, our English Language Learners have increased from approximately 500 to 1000 students or 10% of our student population.
    Chambersburg Area School District is committed to ensuring that ALL children feel welcomed, that they belong and that their learning needs are addressed. We also believe that employees of every background need to feel welcomed and appreciated.
    We have a Learning and Belonging Advisory Team which includes individuals from the district and community who are heading up efforts in these regards. Click here to view the Learning and Belonging Advisory Team members.


CASD Students

Mission Statement

  • Safe, nurturing, and engaging environment where students will receive a rigorous and responsive education that will empower them to compete globally.  

Vision Statement

  • That every child achieves in school and attains the skills needed to achieve success in the future in a highly collaborative culture of honesty, trustworthiness and passion for our mission of bettering the lives of children.  

Belief Statements

    • Students, family, school, and the community share the responsibility and accountability for learning.
    • Every student deserves a well-rounded education with high academic standards.
    • Every student can be successful.
    • Every student learns differently.
    • Learning takes place best in a positive and safe environment.
    • Meaningful instruction has a real-world application.
    • Learning is lifelong.

Shared Values

    • Promote equity in education
    • Create global learners
    • Accept our community's diversity
    • Every student learns and values education
    • Know the learner and guide
    • Foster perseverance toward high standards

Fast Facts

    • CASD is the 22nd largest district (out of 553 including Charters) in Pennsylvania. CASD also ranks 37th out of 500 in geographic size.
    • Our district comprises 384 acres of property and 1.5 million square feet of building space:
      • 13 elementary schools
      • 4 secondary schools
      • 1 administration building
      • 2 support service buildings
      • 1 transportation building
      • 1 alternative education building
Building Enrollment
Grade Levels


    • A CASD mobile app that provides a feed of all district updates in one convenient location.
    • Student grades are available to students and parents electronically via the Community Web Portal.
    • Blackboard Mass Notifications is used to share relevant information via email, phone calls, texts, and more.
    • For up-to-date information, follow CASD on our social media channels at:
    • Information Hotline - Important announcements pertaining to district events are available by phone 24-hours a day.
      • For English, dial (717)261-5680.
      • Para Espanol, llame (717)261-5684.