The year the students and staff members of Gordy, Mary B. Sharpe, and King Street were getting ready for the big move to BC, our Principal, Mrs. Leon, gave us the opportunity to switch classes with the other grade level teachers as a way for the students and teachers to get to know one another before we all moved to Benjamin Chambers after Thanksgiving.  I gave the students a chance to share their memories of their old schools and their hopes for our new school.  Here is what they had to say!

      Memories of King Street Elementary School

    • The fire sirens and the fire engines that go by our playground.
    • The Old Jail wall where we used to play dodge ball.
    • My friends, because I might not see them as much at our new school.
    • My mom picking me up.
    • The King Street Tiger.
    • Eating in our classroom.
    • Our chalkboard and writing with chalk.
    • The oak trees and the squirrels that play on our playground.
    • The curly slide.
    • Having Physcial Education at the King Street Church.
    • Our small classroom in the trailer. 
    • The closets in our third grade classroom.
    • Having recess with the 5th graders.


    Memories of Mary B. Sharpe Elementary School

    • Being the Mary Bee's.
    • The stairs we had to climb.
    • The feeling that, when I walk into the school, the memories blow into my face.
    • How old and  big it was.
    • How nice it was.
    • The small library.
    • The squeaky, wooden floors.
    • The giant windows and the high ceilings
    • Inside, it looks like an auction antique.
    • The beautiful wood. 
    • The smell from the applesauce factory (and for older alumni, the ketchup smell from the Heinz Plant)
    • The chalkboards
    •  Where I sat and who I sat with.
    • Eating Lunch in our rooms.
    • The big playground.
    • How big and tall our slide is and the big swings.

    Memories of U.L. Gordy Elementary School
    • We had a big Halloween party.
    • Playing in Gym class.
    • How nice and great the teachers were.
    • Watching TV while we ate lunch in our classrooms.
    • Our friends.
    • We had one classroom for each grade.
    • We had luaus and snowcones.
    • The time at Gym when I hurt my knee.
    • The big hill.
    • Gordy was small.
    • The playground.


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    What We Hope for Benjamin Chambers Elementary School

    • We will treat people the way we want to be treated.
    • We have a big classroom.
    • We meet new people.
    • There will be new kids and nice teachers.
    • We will have a big cafeteria.
    • We have vending machines.
    • We will still have Shippensburg University reading buddies.
    • People can have good friendships.
    • We have gym every day.
    • We can walk and ride our bikes to school.
    • Our friends and teachers will be there.
    • We will have parties.
    • We have a smartboard that you touch it, and it writes.
    • There will be something to remind me of Sharpe, and we will make good friends there.
    • They have a good playground and white boards.
    • The same memories will blow into my mind, just like Mary B. Sharpe.
    • The classrooms and bathrooms are bigger and better.
    • We can bring animals there.
    • We have a big gym.
    • We have more space.
    • People are friendly, and things go smoothly.
    • Everyone has a good friend to play with and spend time with.
    • There are closets for our sweatshirts and backpacks.
    • We have a great library.
    • We have a good basketball team.
    • Everyone is nice.
    • We have even more fun at Benjamin Chambers.
    • We have more computers.
    • I don't pull any tickets.
    • There will grass and trees.
    • There will be happy days.

    Here is one thing Miss Black will NOT miss!  I appreciate our firefighters very much, but I will be happy that they won't QUITE so close to our classroom!
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