• Welcome to my Pre-School Page!

    Dear Parents, 

    Allow me to take off my reading specialist hat and talk with you as a mother and a grandmother, so please indulge me. This is a wonderful (and exhausting) time in your life and the most important thing you can give your child each day is time.  Time to sit and read books that interest your child. Time to talk about the books, your family, and your child's world. Time to learn nursery rhymes, finger plays, and sing silly songs. Time to listen and respond when your child speaks with you. Investing time now with your child, will help prepare her/him for kindergarten.  Relax, you're not alone, it "takes a village" to raise a child.  In order to help you, I have provided several websites that will provide addtional support, just click on Useful Links.   


    Mrs. Buhrman



     Read each day.