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    2nd Grade Classroom Supply List

    We are so excited to welcome you and your child to 2nd grade. We have quite a year planned! Second grade is a wonderful year and we want to continue to make it a safe year too. We have given careful consideration to how to do this and, as a team, we have decided to have each student keep and maintain their own classroom supplies.   Here you will find a list of supplies your child will need to help your child stay safe this upcoming year when he or she is in the classroom. 

    1 - zippered, soft pencil pouch with the following contents: 

    • Earbuds or Headphones
    • 16 or 24 count pack of crayons
    • 1 colored red pen 
    • 1 block eraser
    • 1 pair of 4-inch kid safety scissors
    • 1 highlighter (any color)
    • 1 dry-eraser (or a clean, old sock)
    • 3-4 dry-erase markers (for teacher to distribute as needed)
    • 1-2 packs of 12 or more pencils (for teacher to distribute as needed)

    ***Please label each item with your child’s name.***

    We will be using our district-provided money to purchase the rest of the necessary materials for second grade, such as composition books, agendas, folders, colored pencils, bins, and markers, etc. but have found that additional help is needed especially in regards to individual student supplies. Since your child will be rotating among three classes, we’ve found that the small pencil pouch is helpful in containing the necessary items during switches. We do ask that the pencil pouch be a soft, zippered one in order to avoid the noise and spilling that occurs when the hard boxes are dropped.

    We appreciate your support in anticipation of a fabulous year in 2nd grade. Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s homeroom teacher with any questions!

    Mrs. Fox, 2-1       Mrs. Bricker, 2-2         Mrs. Widmann, 2-3


    Thank you for your help.