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    Welcome To Mrs. Miley's Third Grade



    Third grade is an exciting and special grade in many ways. Third grade marks the end of being a primary student and the beginning of being an intermidiate student. Third grade is the time to prepare students for the PSSA assessment,  and help them to be independent, organized and responsible for their learning.  Third grade provides students with the opportunity to build on and  apply the basic skills they have learned in past  grades to new and challenging ways.

    This year is an exceptional as we embarq on the journey of virtual learning. We will be learning how to navigate this type of learning together. We will move slowly at first until we are more comfortable in using our chromebooks and virtual learning system.

    I look forward to working with you to make third grade a year of positive memories for you and your child.

    I will communicate class lessons and directions through Google Class and Google Meet.  Please log in each day. Below is a schedule.  Other lessons will be taught through our new learning management system called Odysseyware.  Students will need to log into their Odysseyware account as well.I have included a link to the CASD site that has video turorials on using the chromebooks and accessing Odyseyware.



    How to access your Google Classroom from a device at home:

     Google Classroom logo

    • Go to www.google.com
    • Click on the Google apps icon in the upper right; it looks like a 3x3 array
    • Click on Drive
    • Sign into your account using your CASD login information
    • Click on the Google apps icon in the upper right again
    • Click on Classroom
    • Click on Mrs. Miley/use the class code in your email invite


    Class code
    Meet link


    Google Classroom Help

    If you are having trouble navigating or using Google Classroom, please click here for more information:

    Contact me at:



    Please also join our Class Dojo.  Use the link below..Class DoJo



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    Working from Home:

    Working from home presents a new challenge for students and their families. Students will need a quiet spot just for them to work.  This space should be away from distractions. 

    Some supplies to have at hand are: white board with a white board marker, notebook, pencil, crayons and markers.  Have these supplies ready to go so time is not wasted trying to find the tools you need to learn and be a part of class.

  • Schedule: 




    Independent work/intervention




    Independent work/intervention


    Get Outside and stretch and have a snack




    Lunch/ Clean Up/ Play/ Read




    Independent Work/ Intervention




    Independent Work/ Intervention