• Performance Objectives Statement

    In accordance with Act 141, the Superintendent, the Associate Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent will be evaluated on six Objective Performance Standards. Objective Performance Standards will be included in the Superintendent, the Associate Superintendent’s and Assistant Superintendent's contracts, and will be the basis for the overall performance rating. Upon completion, annual performance reviews will be available on the district website.


    On June 12 the School Board met to review the annual performance of the Superintendent.

    For the 2017-2018 school year, Superintendent Dr. Joseph O. Padasak met annual goals. 

    For the 2017-2018 school year, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Catherine Dusman met annual goals.

    For the 2017-2018 school year, Assistant Superintendent Kristin Carroll met and set annual goals.


    Superintendent Performance Objectives    2016-2017


    1. The Superintendent will sustain an organizational vision that promotes academic and organizational success.

    Focus Goal 1:  Due to changing needs of the district as well as financial constraints the superintendent shall optimize the effectiveness of administrative structure within the district providing a balance between cost to maintain the administrative structure and instructional needs of the district.

    Focus Goal 2: Provide recommendation to the board regarding the use of instructional coaches if additional classroom teachers become a need.


    2.  The Superintendent will collaborate, communicate, engage and employ others inside and outside the organization to pursue excellence in learning and delivery of all educational services.

    Focus Goal 1: Provide leadership in determining viable options for addressing the HR vacancy and potential for in-house counsel, and if appointed, provide leadership to enhance the success of the in-house counsel/HR Director.

    Focus Goal 2: Provide oversight/vision for the secondary re-structuring to insure progress in the grade 9-12 program planning and implementation. This includes but is not limited to staffing needs, programs, and administrative structure.

    Focus Goal 3: Continue expansion of the pre-K program based on best practice.

    Focus Goal 4: Provide facility recommendations to the board.

    Focus Goal 5: Continue efforts to uphold a positive image of the district in the community.


    3.  The Superintendent will operate in a fair and equitable manner with personal and professional ethics.

    Focus Goal: Provide leadership for the transparency resolution within the district and open communications policy with all stakeholders.


    4. The Superintendent will continue to utilize a thorough understanding of budget and finance, allocation of District resources, human resource management and systems management for effective results.

    Focus Goal 1: Provide leadership in reduction of the district deficit.

    Focus Goal 2: Provide leadership in the reverse-assessment decision and other methods to increase district revenues including but not limited to county re-assessment; specifically, evaluation of the impact on the district and local economy.  (Pros and Cons)


    5. The Superintendent will utilize data to inform decision making at all levels of the district.

    Focus Goal:  Base recommendations to the board on both long and short-term cost benefit analysis.