• Welcome to Exploratory Language
    with Ms. Poe
    Spanish, Latin, German
    Middle School

  •  Schedule:

    I teach Exploratory Language to almost all 8th grade students in Chambersburg.  I am at CAMS South on the odd days and CAMS North on the even days.  So, I see my students every other day.  This is a half-year course. 


    One of the major goals of this class is to give students a taste of the three languages taught at the high school level in Chambersburg. Learning anything new is exciting and studying about other languages and cultures is fun! 

    Students will learn some of the common words and phrases in Latin, German, and Spanish.  We will also investigate how the study of other languages can increase our English vocabulary.


    German- These are some of the words you will need to know for German.  They may not be in order.

    1. Deutsch - German

    2. Deutschland - Germany

    3. Hallo - Hello

    4. Wie heisst du? - What's your name?

    5. Ich heisse... My name is ...

    6. Guten Morgen - Good morning

    7. Guten Tag - Good day

    8. Auf Wiedersehen - Good-bye

    9. Wie geht's? - How's it going?

    10. Ganz gut - Quite well

    11. Sehr gut - Very well

    12. Willkommen - Welcome

    Die Zahl (number)

    1 eins            11 elf

    2 zwei            12 zwolf

    3 drei             13 dreizehn

    4 vier             14 vierzehn

    5 funf             15 funfzehn 

    6 sechs           16 sechzehn

    7 sieben          17 siebzehn

    8 acht            18 achtzehn

    9 neun            19 neunzehn

    10 zehn           20 zwanzig