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  • Oral Health and Learning. When children's oral health suffers, so does their ability to learn.

    Oral Health and Learning. When children's oral health suffers, so does their ability to learn.

    Oral health and school success are connected! Tooth decay is the most chronic childhood disease. Kids miss 51 million hours of school every year due to oral health problems (most of which could have been prevented). When kids are absent from school because of dental problems, they may have a harder time learning to read and may get lower grades than kids with healthy teeth. Kids with dental problems may have more trouble smiling, speaking, eating, sleeping, learning at school, and it can have an affect on their success later in life .

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  • STATE REQUIRED DENTAL EXAMS: The Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA School Code§ 23.3. Dental Examinations) requires that every child entering school for the first time (kindergarten/original entry) and grades 3 and 7 have a dental examination.  The parent must provide verification of the exam by having the child's dentist fill out a Private Dentist Report on a form that will be sent home with the students in K, 3, 7, or with students in other grades who are missing evidence of  a dental exam in grades K, 3, 7.   This form is also available on link below.  Because of your dentist’s knowledge of your child’s dental history, we recommend that your dentist do your child’s exam.    

    In lieu of a private dental exam, you may sign permission for your child to receive a dental screening in school by the Certified School Dental Hygienist at no cost to your family.  If your child is screened by the dental hygienist and dental problems are noted, a referral form will be sent home detailing the suspected areas of concern.

  • CASD Dental Hygiene Services Program

    A Certified School Dental Hygienist (CSDH) is a dental professional who advocates for children's dental health within the educational setting. Our CSDH provides a Dental Hygiene Services Program to our students which is approved by the PA Department of Health.  A CSDH is licensed by the PA State Board of Dentistry to practice dental hygiene, and is certified by the PA Department of Education


    The objectives and goals of the Chambersburg Area School District Dental Hygiene Services Program are to provide students with early identification of dental problems, to educate students about the importance of dental health, and to provide students with the means of achieving and maintaining optimal dental health throughout their lifetime.

    • Dental health evaluations performed by the certified school dental hygienist (CSDH) allows for dental problems to be identified early, making it possible for students and their parents/guardians to better recognize and understand the student’s particular dental needs.  The CSDH acts as a liaison to link families with community dental health professionals and resources. 
    • Through referral follow-up procedures, parents/guardians are notified of any suspected dental problems their child may have, and if needed, given information on the availability of dental treatment facilities in our community, as well as, insurance options and other related resources.
    • Students receive annual dental health educational given by the certified school dental hygienist. This allows students to gain a better understanding of the importance of dental health and the devastating effects of untreated dental problems, with the goal of students adopting attitudes and behaviors that promote the prevention of dental diseases.

    Contact: karah.macdonough@casdonline.org for any dental-related questions.


    Dental Health Tips

    • Visit a dentist every 6 months for a dental exam (cleaning and checkup).
    • Brush at least twice a day (after breakfast and at bedtime) and floss once a day.
    • Limit sugary snacks (most foods that are healthy for your body are healthy for your teeth) and drink lots of water.
    • Protect your teeth with a mouthguard if you play a sport or activity where you can be hit in the mouth by another person or object.
    • Get sealants in your molars as soon as you can (ask your dentist or hygienist how you can "seal out decay").
    • Do not use tobacco of any kind (vaping, cigarettes or smokeless tobacco).
    • If you have a mouth sore that doesn't heal within two weeks, have a dentist check it.  There are early warning signs of oral cancer.
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