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    SchoolCafe.com is now taking the place of ParentOnline.net and is the new website connected with the Chambersburg Area School District, Food Service Operation. The website allows you (the parent) to pay for your student(s) meals via the internet with a credit card or debit card.

    If you choose to use SchoolCafe.com to pay for your student(s) meals you will need to have the following information in order to set up the account, (1.) your child's student identification number provided by the school,  (2.) your child's date of birth and (3.) the name of the school your child attends.

    Once you set up the account, you will be able to enter a payment for your student's meals. You will be able to set up the account to- 

    • Make a one time payment
    • Make a one time payment and request an e-mail notification when the account gets down to a certain dollar level set by you.
    • Make a recurring payment that is triggered when the students account gets down to a certain dollar level set by you.

    Once you have set up an account for your student(s) and made a payment into their account you will be able to see your student's meal account history for a seven(7) day period.

    The payment you make in the morning should be in your student's account within an hour or two as long as there are no difficulties with the information or the transaction. Please know that depending on circumstance the transaction could take up to 24 hours.

    Please click on the link above to visit SchoolCafe.com and check things out. Hopefully you will decide to take advantage of the program as there are several benefits to using the site. i have listed several of them below-

    • If you set up a recurring payment you do not need to worry about providing lunch money in the morning.
    • If you have young students you do not need to worry about the possibility of them losing their money.
    • Having money already in the meal account eliminates the need to have an exchange of money at the cash register, this makes the lunch lines move much faster and your student will have more time to eat his/her lunch. 

     If you have questions please contact us.

    We hope that you will enjoy the convenience of using SchoolCafe.com

    Contact phone number for www.SchoolCafe.com - 855-729-2328







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