• Superintendent's Office

    Dr Padasak

    Dr. Joseph Padasak

    CASD District Level Goals

    The Chambersburg Area School District is committed to using these goals as the blueprint for guiding the school district through the years.

    Goal 1: Significantly improve communication within and throughout the district.
    Goal 2: Establish a district system that fully ensures the consistent implementation of effective instructional practices across all classrooms in each school.
    Goal 3: Establish a district system that fully ensures barriers to student learning are addressed in order to increase student achievement and graduation rates.

    CASD District Level Plan


    The Chambersburg Area School District will provide a safe, nurturing and engaging environment where students will receive a rigorous and responsive education that will empower them to compete globally.


    • Creating the Future
    • Achieving Success
    • Solving Problems in a 
    • Diverse World

    Shared Values

    • Promote equity in education 
    • Create global learners
    • Accept our community's diversity
    • Every student learns and values education
    • Know the learner and guide
    • Foster perseverance toward high standards

    Submitted in Accordance with Chapters 4, 12, 14, 16 & 49