• The Food Service Operation of the Chambersburg Area School District is extremely concerned with the safety of the food that we serve to the students of the district. Food Service Managers are trained and certified in ServSafe and HACCP. All new staff are trained in Food Safety and Sanitation prior to starting work in the Food Service Operation. Food Safety and Sanitation training is conducted for all staff on a regular basis.





    The kitchen and cafeteria of each school are inspected twice each year by the local Commonwealth Code or by the Department of Agriculture. In addition, managers are required to conduct internal reviews on a regular basis.



    National ServSafe Certification




    The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, International Food Safety Council, and other organizations concerned with protecting the safety of people consuming foods have developed the ServSafe Course.

    The Food Service Managers of the CASD are trained and certified in ServSafe, a nationally recognized food safety course.

    Each staff member is responsible to take measures, which will help to ensure the safety of your student.

    Andrew Buchanan Sarah Martin
    Benjamin Chambers Leloni Killinger
    Falling Spring Sandy Woodring
    Fayetteville Deb Guyer
    Grandview Laurie Devor
    Guilford Hills Marsha Stinson
    Hamilton Heights Brenda Posey
    Lurgan Betty Augustine
    Marion Susan Horning
    New Franklin Susie Faust
    Scotland Mary Gayman
    South Hamilton  
    Franklin Learning Center Brenda Hunsecker
    FCCTC/Career Magnet Teresa Wiser, Lisa Sollenberger
    CAMS South Angela Varner, Sharon Mellott
    CAMS North Lois Strite, 
    CASHS Dawn Bechtel
    District Floating Manager  
    Central Office Sandy Fisher, Juanita Beepath, Lori Bumbaugh,Karen Huse-Clifton


    Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

    HACCP is a highly specific and specialized program designed to ensure the safety of food as it passes through the various stages of production until it reaches consumption. This process begins in the manufacturing plant with USDA inspections to ensure safe handling of food items.

    The HACCP program was developed by USDA and FDA and, through the efforts of the National Food Service Management Institute, a program was developed specifically for School Food Service. The Food Service Management staff of the Chambersburg Area School District has been trained in this program, and procedures are currently in place in the Food Service Operations of the district to ensure that the students are receiving food items that have been properly prepared with all the necessary precautions to ensure it's safety. If you want to know more about this program, you may go to www.fda.gov/Food/GuidanceRegulation/HACCP.


    To view the inspections of your local schools go to: www.agriculture.state.pa.us and click on-line services