• Contact Phone Numbers for School Cafeterias 

    If you have questions about your child's meal account or question about how to make a payment please feel free to contact the Cafeteria Manager at your child's school.

  • School   Cafeteria Manager   Phone Number
    Benjamin Chambers Elementary   Alex Ramos   717-261-5605
    Buchanan Elementary   Susan Whitfield   717-261-3465
    Falling Spring Elementary   Ashley Emory   717-709-4083
    Fayetteville Elementary    Brenda Hunsecker   717-352-2774
    Grandview Elementary    Barb Sellers   717-709-4094
    Guilford Hills Elementary   Jaqueline Norcross   717-352-4268 
    Hamilton Heights Elementary    Brenda Posey   717-267-4473 
    Lurgan Elementary    Betty Augustine    717-532-6125
    Marion Elementary    Sandy Woodring   717-375-2360
    New Franklin Elementary    Tammy Harmon    717-261-5625
    Scotland Elementary    Angela Piercey   717-261-3460 
    South Hamilton Elementary    Vinnette O'Farrell    717-261-5626
    Stevens Elementary    Tiffani Miller   717-261-3472 
    CAMS North   Lois Hess-Strite   717-261-3372 
    CAMS South    JoAnn Arnold    717-261-3389 
    Chambersburg Area Senior High     Dawn Gehris    717-261-3334 
    FCCTC and Career Magnet School   Teresa Wiser   717-261-5656 
             Ext. 85530
    Franklin Learning Center    Clarita Vazquez   717-263-2700 
             Ext. 4418