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  • Special Announcement:

    Starting today, March 30th, 2020, until school is able to start again, I will be available to answer any questions from 8:15 am to 3:45 pm. Best way to contact me is through class dojo, or email me at April.ledebur@casdonline.org

    I plan on posting information and fun activities for students and families to do as they are interested in doing.  These daily weekday posts can be found under the link Activities For Home along the left hand side of the library website. I will also be posting links under Parent Resources as well. Lastly I will be posting this information on class dojo for parents too. 

    Please note, this information and activities will be suggestions to help pass the time until we can get back to school. Nothing will be grade or collected. I may ask for comments, feedback, or pictures but all of that will be 100% parent and student choice to share what they are doing, creating, or finding. I hope these posts/links can help you if you are looking for some fun educational ways to pass this time, before we can get back together in school.

    I miss you all, stay safe and health and I hope to be able to see you all in person again soon! 

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     We are dedicated to supporting the curriculum and building-wide literacy programs of the Scotland Elementary School. The library is available for all Scotland students, parents, and staff. Students are encouraged to exchange books on any day 1, 2, and 3, even if it is not their library day. Please feel free to search our Online Catalog.

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