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    • 2022-2023 COVID Guidance for Parents

    Chambersburg Area School District

    2022-2023 COVID Guidance for Parents

    Updated 8/17/22


    There is no longer any difference in recommendations between those who are vaccinated and those who are unvaccinated.



    • 5 days from the onset of symptoms(the first day of symptoms is counted as day zero)
    • May return to school on day 6, as long as student is fever-free for more than 24 hours AND symptoms are improving
    • Student is asked to wear a mask through day 10 


    There is no longer a recommendation for quarantine of siblings/others living in the same household(close contacts)


    Symptomatic students:

    • Students who become symptomatic at school will be given a mask and sent home to begin isolation.  You are encouraged to have your student tested for COVID-19 but it is NOT mandatory.


    Absence from school.  

    • You will need to write a note for your student to miss school.  If it is due to COVID those 5 days will be excused.  If your student should get a COVID-like illness for a second time, you will need a doctor’s note(so as not to abuse attendance).


    This guidance comes directly from the CDC and can be found at the link below.